Where it all started...




It was year 2018 when my better half, Meynard, and I visited Europe. While walking along the cold cobbled streets, we smelled something really nice and lo & behold, we found this shop that sells waffles! From that shop, we tasted freshly made LIÈGE WAFFLES - it was sooooo damn good that my husband ordered half a dozen for himself and we had it for 3 consecutive days. Since then, we said to ourselves that there is no turning back to soggy waffles ever!

Upon returning to the Philippines, we could not find one like it anywhere. All we found were soggy, frozen and too airy waffles. Nothing, not even close, to what we had in Europe :(

So we set out to do it on our own. We imported the best cast iron waffle maker and Belgian Pearl Sugar from Belgium even if it was such a loooong shipping process. Once we got the sugar and waffle iron, we had months and months of recipe testing and finally managed to perfect this masterpiece.

NOW, we have decided to share this HEAVENLY TREAT to everyone! Great things are meant to be shared right?

We hope you will enjoy the waffles as much as we did :)


P.S. Oh and by the way, we are donating 10% of our profit to Angelic Heart PH which helps kids with cerebral palsy, heart problems and other serious medical conditions. You are not just waffling with us, you are making a difference in someone else's life :)  THANK YOU!